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Zyva Music Interview

Hoodoo Engine A Drug Against Wallstreet Article

TetraKnot WTF?! Review

Arte TV Article

Houston Press Article

reddit AMA Part 1

reddit AMA Part 2

Number Of The Blog WTF?! Review

SoundSpike Hollywood Undead Remix Article

Heavy Hour Interview

AudioInkRadio Hollywood Undead Remix Article

Westword Occupy Denver Article

Loudwire Hollywood Undead Remix Article

Myspace News Hollywood Undead Remix Article

This Is Bristol Live Review

Revolver Hollywood Undead Remix Article

Hard Force Live Review

Storming The Base Hollywood Undead Remix Article

PeekABoo ADAWallstreet Article

Photon Milk ADAWallstreet Article

GrooveVolt Hollywood Undead Remix Article

Head Full Of Noise ADAWallstreet Article

Loudwire Hollywood Undead Remix Article

Zoiks Online Hollywood Undead Remix Article

Digital Ninja Hollywood Undead Remix Article

KMFDM TV Tropes Entry

Spacecast Interview

Go Rockfest

ReGen Live Review 2

Zappa Wiki Jawka KMFDM Entry

ReGen Live Review

Nexus Newspaper Live Review

Musicazul WTF?! Review

UCD Advocate Live Review

Verbavision Live Review

Charged FM Live Review

City Pages Show Photos

BrainGell INC Remix Article

Blow The Scene Live Review

Target Audience Live Review

Life Above 11 Live Review

True Knowledge What Does Sascha K. Play?

Idaho Press Show Info

My City Buzz Tour Article

NY Post Show Review

Dig Boston Show Info

North Jersey Show Info

Time Out Show Info

Brooklyn Vegan Show Info

SSG Music Show Review

Newly Fresh Tour Info

Chicago Reader Show Info

Star Tribune Show Info

City Weekly Show Info

City Pages Show Mention

Hails And Horns Tour Info

Dark Grave Tour Info

North County Times Interview

Seattlest Show Mention

Seattle Weekly Show Mention

San Diego Reader Show Mention

Digital Diversion Live Review

The Stranger Tour Article

Phoenix New Times Show Info

LA Times Show Info

Blow The Scene Tour Info

AV Club Tour Article

Muen Music Tour Info

Music Remedy Tour Info

North County Times Interview

Seattlest Show Mention

Seattle Weekly Show Mention

San Diego Reader Show Mention

AV Club Tour Article

Underground Noize Tour Info

Horns Up Rocks Tour Info

Motor City Blog Tour Contest

Muen Music Tour Info

Music Remedy Tour Info

Hails And Horns Tour Info

Dark Grave Tour Info

Guinness Tour Info

Fear.net Tour Article

AntiMusic Tour Info

The Gauntlet Tour Info

Evigshed Tour Info

They Will Rock You Tour Info

CHAIN D.L.K. Tour Info

Schwegweb Tour Info

Stereo Killer Tour Info

Type 3 Media Tour Info

Metal Underground INC Remix Article

Elbo INC Remix Article


ReGen Krank Review

ReGen WTF?! Review

Kik Axe Music INC Remix Article

Ringmaster Review News INC Remix Article

Pure Grain Audio INC Remix Article

Brave Words INC Remix Article

Alt Sounds INC Remix Article

Canada Tour Headlines Tour Mention

Slicing Up Eyeballs Tour Article

NBC San Deigo Tour Mention

Reflections Of Darkness Tour Info

Neu Futur Magazine Tour Info

Darkroom Magazine Interview

El Portal Del Metal WTF?! Review

Subterraneo Americal WTF?! Review

Insonoro WTF?! Review

Rock En Cuba WTF?! Review

Mundo Rock WTF?! Review

Canedo Rock WTF?! Review

Delaware County Daily Times Tour Mention

Pure Grain Audio Tour Mention

Monasteria Magazine WTF?! Review

Flocked Media WTF?! Review

Peek A Boo Magazine Tour Article

Reflections Of Darkness WTF?! Article

Westworld Tour Mention

Side-Line Interview

Mad Goth WTF?! Review

Metal Dominion WTF?! Review

BrushVox WTF?! Review

Throbbing Brain Meats WTF?! Review

Sputnik Music WTF?! Review

Brandon Pence Interview

Geek Planet Online WTF?! Review

The Social Nutwork WTF?! Review

Crazy Clip TV Interview (Video - Part 1)

Crazy Clip TV Interview (Video - Part 2)

Brutal Resonance Interview

OndAleternativa WTF?! Review

Dagheisha Interview

DarkRoom WTF?! Review

Gootti WTF?! Review

Brutal Resonance WTF?! Review

Dagheisha WTF?! Review

Spazio Rock WTF?! Review

Vampire Freaks Interview

Head Full Of Noise WTF?! Review

081978 WTF?! Review

GoLackawanna WTF?! Review

Bloody Disgusting WTF?! Review

Darkwave.ro WTF?! Review

Slicing Up Eyeballs WTF?! Article

The Visual Lizard WTF?! Article

Zann Music WTF?! Review

Coma Music Magazine WTF?! Contest Article

AllMusic WTF?! Review

FearNet WTF?! Review

The EBM Blog WTF?! Video Article

ElectroSpank Krank Article

Peek A Boo Magazine WTF?! Review

Outune Interview

Reflections Of Darkness Interview

Black Vector WTF?! Review

Reflections Of Darkness WTF?! Review

Dark Entries WTF?! Review

Reflections Of Darkness Krank Review

Outune WTF?! Review

Dark Entries Krank Video Post

Sideline Krank Review

Dark Entries WTF?! Article

Bloody Good Horror Kidney Thieves (KMFDM Collaborator) Interview

Black Vector Krank Article

Tanz Die Revolution WTF?! Article


Disturbia Magazine Interview

Vampire Freaks Interview

From The Rink A Drug Against War Article

Denver WestWord Hellbound Article

Rolling Stone RockBand Article

GamePro RockBand Article

Boston Phoenix RockBand Article

RockBand Zine Picks Article

Inc Gamers RockBand Article

Gaming Target RockBand Article

Revivl RockBand Article

CHUD RockBand Article

WorthPlaying RockBand Article

Kotau RockBand Article

Pure Nintendo RockBand Article

RockBand RockBandNetwork Article

The PRP RockBand Article

TechNewsGeek RockBand Article

RockBand PS3 Forum

Artist Direct Sascha K. Oscars Article

Chris Vrenna Krieg Post

Brutal Legend Band Article

ReGen Anniversary Article

The Gauntlet Krieg Review

Abort Mag Krieg Review

Ultimate Guitar Krieg Review

Gothtronic Krieg Review

Smother Krieg Review

ReGen Krieg Review

Side-Line Day Of Light Preview

AOL Switched Greatest High Tech Videos - Ultra

Vampire Freaks Krieg Review

Rafi S. Prong (Remixer) Krieg Interview

ReGen Top 10 Albums of 2009 - Blitz

Dannie Flesher (Wax Trax Founder) ReGen Article

Dannie Flesher (Wax Trax Founder) Denver Post Article

Dannie Flesher (Wax Trax Founder) Chicago Tribune Article

Side-Line Krieg Preview

Vile Evils Krieg Preview

3KStatic Krieg Preview

TremorCore (Seismologist) Krieg Preview

dPulse Krieg Preview

Vampire Freaks Chris Vrenna (Ex-KMFDM) Interview

Prong Krieg Preview

Smother Krieg Preview

Plug In Music Krieg Preview

New Music Weekly Krieg Preview

USA Today Krieg Preview

AnitMusic Krieg Preview

Brave Words Krieg Preview

Dark Side News Krieg Preview

Vampire Freaks Best Of 2009 - SKOLD vs. KMFDM

ReGen Interview

ReGen Live Review (Atlanta, GA)

ReGen Live Review (Pomona, CA)

Consequence Of Sound Live Review

ReGen Live Review (San Francisco, CA)

Fox News Austin Live Preview

Pink Is The New Blog Live Review

ReGen Live Review (Seattle, WA)

Pink Is The New Blog Live Preview

Back Beat Seattle Live Review

Lip Service Webzine Live Review

Vampire Freaks Live Review

ReGen Live Review (Cleveland, OH)

ReGen Live Review (Toronto, ONT)

Live Daily Live Review And Photo Gallery

ReGen KMFDM Featured Artist Podcast

ReGen Live Review (Washington, DC)

Amboss Mag Live Review

ReGen Skold Interview

ReGen Mouth Of Madness Review

Consequence Of Sound Influential Minds Of Industrial Metal List - Sascha K. (KMFDM)

Cosmos Gaming SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Morbid Geek SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

RockNGuitar SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

ReGen SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Ultimate Guitar SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Fazer Magazine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Lost In A Supermarket Interview

Chicago At Home Blitz Review

Triggerfish Tour Preview

Laut SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Vampire Freaks SKOLD vs. KMFDM Interview

Gausten Books SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Beyond Race Band Of The Week Interview

Consequence Of Sound Blitz Review

Baby Sue SKOLD vs, KMFDM Review

Advance Titan Blitz Review

MetalJazz Blitz Review

MusicEmissions Blitz Review

They Fell Blitz Review

ReGen Interview

Online Rock SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Crusher Magazine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Interview

MetalJazz SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

RoadCrew Magazine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

SideLine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

SideLine Interview

Tatt2guy SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Innocent Words SKOLD vs. KMFDM Interview

Left Of The Dial Magazine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Interview

Abort Magazine Interview

Grave Concerns Blitz Review

Audio Frequency Blitz Review

Fangoria SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Fangoria Blitz Review

MangaDrive Zine Blitz Review

T.O. Snobs Music Blitz Review

GameHam Blitz Review

Bullz-Eye Blitz Review

Abort Magazine Blitz Review

Arizona Review Blitz Review

Music Is My Hot Sex Blitz Review

Revenant Media Blitz Review

Vampire Freaks Blitz Review

Hear/Say Blitz Review

So Bring On Mixed Reviews Blitz Review

Deaf Left Ear Blitz Review

Zestful Contemplation Blitz Review

Out Of Lives Magazine Blitz Review

Side-Line Blitz Review

The Unclean SKOLD vs. KMFDM / Blitz Preview

Gothtronic SKOLD vs. KMFDM Preview

Movement News SKOLD vs. KMFDM NCIS

Thrash Mag SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Sphere Magazine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Interview

ReGen Blitz Review

FearNet Blitz Review

Sphere Magazine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

ReGen SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Darq Press SKOLD vs. KMFDM Review

Futon Critic SKOLD vs. KMFDM NCIS

KomodoRock SKOLD vs. KMFDM Preview

Spacelab SKOLD vs. KMFDM / Blitz Preview

Anti Music SKOLD vs. KMFDM Preview

MK Magazine SKOLD vs. KMFDM Preview

Blabbermouth SKOLD vs. KMFDM Preview

Itchy Cloaca Extra Vol. 3 Review

DeathDoom Extra Vol. 2 Review

Ikecht Brimborium Review

Itchy Cloaca Extra Vol. 2 Review

Fabryka Interview

DeathDoom Extra Vol. 1 Review

Side-Line Brimborum Review

Vampire Freaks Interview

Dark TwinCities Interview

DeathDoom Brimborum Review

ReGen Top Industrial Albums - Angst

Rockstar Journalism Interview

ReGen Top 2007 Albums - Tohuvabohu

Metal Exiles Interview

411 Mania Interview

Metal Jazz Tohuvabohu Review

ReGen Magazine Tohuvabohu (Angelspit Remix) Review

Revenant Media Interview

Release Magazine Tohuvabohu Review

Metro Times Tohuvabohu Review

The Musebox KMFDM Page

Smother.net Tohuvabohu Review

ReGen Magazine Tohuvabohu Review

Ultimate Guitar Tohuvabohu Review

Live Daily Tohuvabohu Review

The Metal Minute Tohuvabohu Review

Barcode Tohuvabohu Review

Daily Camera Tohuvabohu Preview

New York Post Looking For Strange Review

Black Tape Media Tohuvabohu Review

Culture Bully Tohuvabohu Review

IGN Tohuvabohu Preview

Live Daily Tohuvabohu Preview

Revenant Media Tohuvabohu Review

AntiMusic Tohuvabohu Preview

KNAC Tohuvabohu Preview

MK Magazine Tohuvabohu Preview

Ultimate Guitar Tohuvabohu Preview

Revenant Media Tohuvabohu Preview

Heavy Metal Music Biz Tohuvabohu Preview

Top 40 Charts Tohuvabohu Preview

Regiomusik Tohuvabohu Article

Mad Goth Tohuvabohu Review

Mad Goth Interview

Re-Flexion Tohuvabohu Preview

Mean Music Interview

Mean Music Tohuvabohu Article

Rokker Interview

Rokker Money and Ruck Zuck Reviews

Rokker Hau Ruck Review

Santa Cruz Rock Money Review

Santa Cruz Rock Ruck Zuck Review

Santa Cruz Rock Hau Ruck Review

Metale Rebelde Ruck Zuck Review

Metale Rebelde Hau Ruck Review

Metale Rebelde Don't Blow Your Top Review

Mundo Rock Money Review

Mundo Rock Ruck Zuck Review

Mundo Rock Hau Ruck Review

Canedo Rock Money Review

Canedo Rock Ruck Zuck Review

Passing Time Interview

Alternative Magazine Live Review

ReGen Top 2006 Albums - Ruck Zuck

Filth Forge Ruck Zuck Review

ReGen Magazine Interview

Stratosphere Fanzine Interview

Regen Magazine Ruck Zuck Review

Deutsche Musik Interview

Vampire Freaks Hau Ruck Review

LD50 Live Review

Caustic Truths KMFDM Article

Rock Star Journalism KMFDM Article

Gothtronic Hau Ruck Review

Daily Raider Hau Ruck Review

Uselinks Hau Ruck Review

Feindesland Hau Ruck Review

Otik Hau Ruck Review

Premonition Hau Ruck Review

Passizo Hau Ruck Review

LD50 Hau Ruck Review

NBLog Hau Ruck Review

Kwadratuur Hau Ruck Review

Sonic Seducer KMFDM Article

Yoki KMFDM Article

Gothic News Live Review

Radio Goethe Interview

Art GID KMFDM Article

Gazeta-ov KMFDM Article

Dachstock Tour Preview

Filth Forge Tour Live Review

Filth Forge Hau Ruck Review

Creem Magazine Hau Ruck Review

Acoustic Shock Hau Ruck Review

Terroverlag Live Review

Dark Moments Live Review

Saint Petersburg Live Review

National High School Journalism Live Review

Reflections of Darkness Live Review

Music Ohm Hau Ruck Review

Stream of Consciousness Hau Ruck Review

Medien Konverter Hau Ruck Review

Whiskey Soda Hau Ruck Review

Splendid Zine Hau Ruck Review

Entertainment Avenue Show Hau Ruck Review

Metal Inside Hau Ruck Review

Cleveland Scene Interview

Mediabiz Tour Article

Pulse Niagra Interview

Calgary Sun Interview

See Magazine Interview

Spill Magazine Hau Ruck Review

Chart Attack Interview

LiveDaily Tour Preview

GreenHead Hau Ruck Preview

IndustrialnatioN Tour Preview

The Gateway MavRadio Pick of the Week (Hau Ruck)

SoulShine Tour Preview

antiMusic Tour Preview

Seattle Stranger Hau Ruck Review

Pollstar Hau Ruck Tour Article

Music Insider Interview 1 (Sascha)

Music Insider Interview 2 (Sascha)

Music Insider Interview 3 (Lucia)

Music Insider 20th Anniversary DVD Review

Jacob Stone (KMFDM Video Director) Interview

AllMusic.com KMFDM Entry