KMFDM YouTube Channel featuring FANKAM



KMFDM would like to thank ALL FANKAMers for the wonderful job you capturing the
spirit of KMFDM and documenting the fan experience for the world to see.

NOTE: FANKAMers have already been chosen and confirmed for ALL shows!

KMFDM would like to invite any interested fan who is attending the upcoming tour to participate in FANKAM. One applicant will be randomly chosen by KMFDM to use the FANKAM at each show on the Kein Mitleid US Tour. If you are the chosen FANKAMer you will be given an easy to operate Flip Mino video camera to use during the show however you would like to. You can film the crowd, yourself, interview fans, take a poll, whatever you feel best documents the KMFDM fan experience from your perspective.

Please be aware that for this edition of FANKAM we are NOT looking for video of the band performing, KMFDM is more interested in filming the fans and hearing your stories and what you have to say.  In addition to an aftershow pass, KMFDM may end up using your footage on some exciting FANKAM outlets to be announced soon.

To participate you must be able to be at the show at least 1 hour before doors open (earlier arrival is preferred and encouraged) and be able to stay until at least 30 minutes after the show ends. You must also have a photo ID we can hold while you are using the camera. We will return it when the camera is checked back in to us. You must also sign (or have your parent or legal guardian sign) a release form stating that KMFDM will own all footage you shoot. Please note that you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the venue and your own ticket to the show.

To apply you will need to email us your full name, cell phone number and the date and city of the show you are applying to be the FANKAMer for. Please email this info to If you are chosen you will receive additional details via email. Thanks and Happy Shooting, KMFDM!!!


Please do not apply multiple times. This will not increase your chances of being chosen as all duplicate applications will be discarded. However, applying for multiple shows is allowed and encouraged.

FANKAMers are chosen at random so there is no need to send any more info than your name, cell number and the show details.