KS˙pt'n's Korner

January 31, 2012  

Hello and happy 2012, the year we meet our doom if you are one to believe the soothsayers, which I am not!

Last year went by really fast for us. Thinking back to early in 2011 I had finished recording of the WTF?! album, and went on to do the OK•ZTEIN•OK mini-album, both of which were then released almost simultaneously. After that we jumped head-long into the preparations for the US-tour. We had a lot of new material to work on and spent a couple of weeks rehearsing in Seattle before the tour began. Upon our return from the US in late August, it was only a month before the European shows started and we did not return home until December.

Overall, 2011 was great to KMFDM, we hit a few long-negelected spots in Europe and had a glorious return to many of our ususal stomping grounds all over. WTF?! seems to have really made it's mark on people which is always a nice feeling. Also it was a privledge to fuel some fires by supporting the OWS movement. All in all a good year!

Now, 2012 is already in full swing. KMFDM are currently getting quite a few offers to do festivals in Europe during this summer and work on a new album will kick in seriously in just a few days. I'm not one to make resolutions but touring Japan, returning to Australia and having our live debut in New Zealand would be killer goals for KMFDM this year!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

December 05, 2011  

Well the European Live 2011 tour is in the books now . . . 23 shows (instead of 24 as Beauvais, France was cancelled), 8 countries, 3 emergency rooms, 14,000 plus kilometers and a bus break-down on All Saints Day in the middle of nowhere in France later and I can safely say I'm glad to be back in my studio!

It was a fantastic run of Europe, we felt the love more so than ever. Of particular importance to me is the fact that we performed very well (and had a stellar time) at Sinner's Day Festival in Belgium. As an added bonus Lucia and I got to meet Diamanda Galas there! The shows in Sweden were also special to us, we hadn't been there since 2005. They welcomed us back with open arms into some of the best venues filled with the kindest people.

On this tour I experienced asthma for the first time in my life. That horrid feeling of drowning in my own lung-juices was frightening, but ER #3 of the tour in, of all places, Glasgow, Scotland fixed me up good. Amazing how at 2pm, I thought the bells had tolled for me then, 7 hours later, we totally rocked their Scottish tartan off!

There was an unlucky fellow in Southampton, UK, who irked us all day long during our stop there. At the end of the night he became intolerably petulant. The next morning he awoke to find that we had put the entire contents of his outdoor smoking-patio on top of his roof and had given one whole side of his building a new "paintjob". It was good fun, at least WE thought so!

The drive home from Bristol to Hamburg was loooong, but the big red bus dropped us all off safely on my doorstep at midnight . . . and suddenly I find I can't wait to do it all over again! We will see you then!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

October 25, 2011  

I thought I would give you all a quick update on what has been going on inside the Käpt'n's Quarters in the couple of months between the US Tour and European Tour (which starts today).

The first couple of weeks back were spent catching up on post US Tour business and finalizing the Live 2011 Downloads, then I had to switch into full advancing mode to make sure all details and logistics were well covered for the upcoming European dates.

During this time I also acquired some amazing new gear, an OTO BISCUIT and a euro-rack synth-module by WMD called the GEIGER COUNTER. All the WMD gear produces audio mayhem and sonic destruction at its best which is not surprising given the care with which William Mathewson designs and crafts them.

Discussing WMD's excellent gear reminded me that after many years of internet acquaintance I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Jaeger in Seattle during the recent US Tour. Scott also builds super-radical synth-modules which I have enjpyed using. His audio/electronic design handle is THE HARVESTMAN.

I put this great new gear I have been mentioning to use doing two new remixes for other bands, one for our friends and tour-mates Army of the Universe and the other for the hit song "Been To Hell" by Hollywood Undead.

On Oct 15, I suddenly had this idea of doing a new version of "A Drug Against War" using alternate lyrics voicing support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Working quickly I was able to get it done and posted so it could be made available for free to everyone during the Global Day Of Action. The track instantly spread across the web from regular media to activism forums which was great to see. Because of this we have received repeated requests to perform this new version on the European Tour and we are considering doing so.

The response to "A Drug Againt Wall Street" was so great we followed it up the next week by releasing a free download of a new remix of "Rebels In Kontrol" by Ale Fillman, the Occupy Wall Street Mix.

I have also been building a new multi-operational instrument, based on different versions I have created over the years. The most recent was put together for the US Tour incorporating metal springs for drum-triggers. The new one also integrates a keyboard controller as well as a sampler and it seems to work great! I will be showcasing it on European Tour.

Somewhow, between all of this, I miraculously found time to work on new material for OK•ZTEI•OK and KMFDM.

Come out and see us live at one (or more) of our 23 shows in 8 countries. Now to hit the road!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

September 15, 2011  

22 concerts in 25 days, 2 buses rolling over 14,000 miles! No snow-storms deterred us from making it to shows this time and no one got sick, I guess that's the plus when you tour during the hottest time of the year.

Looking back on the tour, despite the heat it was a blast. There are too many highlights to recall or list individually. I think it is possible that of the dozens of tours we have done this could have been the most fun yet.

That is not to say we did not have rough moments, we were presented with our share of challenges. Andy thrashed one of his arms pretty badly and had to play with it in a sling for a few shows. The lowlight of the tour was getting fucked with by the promoter's goons in Toronto. Using great restraint we managed not to kill anyone and made it back out of Canada.

Thankfully we had our friends from Army of the Universe with us. They provided lots of joy and good fun. We become close and are proud that they'll be joining us on our European Tour which starts next month (you read it here first folks!).

And now some more thanks . . .

Thanks to 16 Volt who accompanied us through Chicago.
Thanks to Human Factors Lab, whose experience got interrupted unfortunately and unexpectedly. Life is tough out on the road and sometimes those lessons get learned the hard way.
Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks to my band, our crew, thanks for the support and the love.

We will see you all next time!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

September 13, 2011  

As promised in my previous entry all of the Live 2011 Downloads from the US tour were available for download by September 12th. In fact they were all up by September 7th so underpromise and overdeliver or however the inane corporate saying goes.

The live downloads were quite an experiment. It turned out to be a lot of work, more than was possible to stay on top of while on the road but easily handled back home in my studio. Now that it is done I am glad we did it. It is a great document of KMFDM on tour to share with you all. I only regret that we were not able to capture all 22 shows, but for a do-it-yourself experiment 17 is not too bad.

To those who come looking for the shows that did not end up with usable recordings, all I can say is please just grab the mp3s from another night. While I hated to lose those 5 nights as much as anybody, such is the nature of a live performance, new technologies and the insanity of tour.

Maybe in a future Korner rambling I will go over the technical details of how these shows were recorded, prepped and finalized. For now, they are available for all to enjoy and I will leave it at that.

Some tour related thoughts coming in the next Korner post.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

August 26, 2011  

By now everyone knows that the announcement I was referring to in my previous post was about the KMFDM Live 2011 Downloads. That is something I thought would be a great way for fans who came to the shows to have a lasting souvenir of the night. They could just pick up a card at the merch booth that allows them to download that show or any other from the tour. For those who couldn't make it to any of the shows they can get a card or a code from our Store that let's them get the audio for the show of their choice so they can at least get to experience that instead of totally missing out.

Originally the plan had been to upload the shows as we went, trying not to fall more than a couple of shows behnd in the schedule. This has proved to be unmanagageable due to file sizes, tour bus internet issues, transfer times, the amount of work involved and (more than anything else) the finite amount of hours in the day and everything else that requires my attention while on tour.

Since this has been my project and I want to be able to insure the level of quality and care that goes into doing it correctly I did not want to turn this over to anyone else to manage. I have decided that I will hold on to all of the recordings and make very quick work of them once I am back in my studio in Germany.

That means there will be no new shows available for download before September 5th (just over a week from now) but I promise I will have them ALL ready for you guys by September 12th. Sorry about the delay but I know you all want these to be done right as an appropriate representation of each show and to be worth the ten bucks you spent on them!

The tour itself is almost over now. Just a couple more shows to go. I will check back in with a report on our adventures in the USSA in my next Käpt'n's Korner.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

August 03, 2011  

And so it begins, tonight we start another tour. We are ready to go with a lot of new songs from WTF?! and of course the obligatory must-plays. We will be joined onstage by William Wilson of Legion Within for a few numbers and we are sharing the bill with some great bands, overall a nice package worth seeing. But as with anything we do it wouldn't be KMFDM without a dash of anarchy thrown in. On the eve of setting out we find there are issues with the show in LA. We quickly worked it out to instead play a free show in Tempe, AZ which for some reason I am even more excited about. It will be a little punk rock but that suits us just fine. Those of you from the City Of Angels who want to catch us can just come down to Anaheim.

I know we are not coming "everywhere" on this tour, we never can, but we are coming everywhere that time and budget would allow. If we aren't coming to you, you can always come to us. But for those who can't make it we do have a nice little suprise we will be announcing soon that will allow them to experience the show in some fashion. More on that in a bit. See you all shortly!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

July 31, 2011  

Well here we are, in the USSA once again. We have been here for almost a week now and are knee deep in rehearsals for the tour. Suddenly I am inspired and I begin to build, the result - a new trigger-instrument. In the end I realize this is not unlike the design I used on KMFDM's first U.S. tour supporting Ministry in 1989/90, it features heavy-duty steel-springs and piezo microphones. The rusted cage which has been a staple on literally every KMFDM show since the earliest days has been modified to accomodate this construction. You can take a look at some pictures here. It is testing out well as we run through the setlist over and over.

Speaking of the new setlist, it is nearing completion. We are all putting in 12+ hours a day and things are moving rapidly forward. Seeing that the first show will be coming up on Aug 3rd, that is a good thing! More in a couple of days.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

April 26, 2011  

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you WTF?! . . .

the new KMFDM album which has had our heads revolving for a period of close to 18 months now. Like the saying of "leave no stone unturned", the making of this record was an exercise in charging full steam in one direction, then flipping into a 180-degree U-turn. Lyrics were written for one song and would end up on another, vocals were recorded to tracks that were then completely dismantled and redone entirely, super-fast songs were moved to half-time, album cover art was created to correspond to an album title that I ended up changing, in short . . . WTF?!!!

And yet all of this artistic turbulence came together into the strong, powerful and cohesive album I write to you about today. While it was a process somehow even more insane than the normal level of insanity we enjoy while recording, we actually had a great time amid the musical chaos of making this record and have high hopes that you will love it too!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

April 22, 2011  

In the final throes of completing the OK•ZTEIN•OK mini-album, just a few days after the 9.0 earthquake in north-eastern Japan, I got my hands on 3 different audio recordings of the tremors. The frequencies of the vibration were so low that the human ear can not hear them but when sped up multiple times a low rumble became audible, further sped up the frequencies started to 'form' a weird tonality.

I kept playing with the sounds, sampling, de-tuning, pitching, time-stretching as well as time-compressing them and layering, layering and layering again until finally, the soundscape that is now known as "TOHOKU 9.0" evolved.

Once it was created I decided that this track needed to be put to good use and cooked up the idea of a donation relief effort drive for the people in Japan, suffering from the aftermath of this terrible natural desaster. It was not a far stretch imagining that the fans of KMFDM would be donating for this cause, especially when given a first glimpse of my premiere solo-project in return for their generosity.

What came as a big surprise to me was the fact that some, quite a few in fact, donated very, very generously. I made it a point to personally get in touch with these people and have prepared a unique little 'thank you gift for those who gave so selflessly. In my mind the fundraising drive, the proceeds of which are 100% destined for the Japanese Red Cross, was a great success and left me, yet once again, with a warm and fuzzy feeling for 'my' KMFDM (and perhaps from now on, OK•ZTEIN•OK) fans.

So far the drive has raised over $7,000 to be donated. "TOHOKU 9.0" is available exclusively as a donation-based download from the KMFDM Store until Tuesday, April 26th, when the drive ends, the track will be removed from sale and will no longer be available anywhere. So now is the time to act. After April 26th the donation will be made by KMFDM Records and we will ship out my special gifts.

Thank you for your support!!!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

April 02, 2011  

I've been thinking about doing a solo-project for a long time, 10 years or more. Thinking that was...

Once I finished the production of KMFDM's WTF?! album, had it sent off to mastering and ready for mass-production, I felt some sort of studio-blues, wasn't quite ready to quit sitting in the Kommandozentrale. Weather probably played a part in it too, it was mid-January and miserably fucking cold out. So I cleared the deck, cleaned out the room, undid all the patches from the WTF?! sessions, bought a Korg Monotron and a Doepfer Ribbon Controller and went to work on something that I had a great desire to do, yet had no idea of what shape it would take.

I began by creating rhythm tracks that are somewhat out of the ordinary, stuff I've rarely put much thought into, waltzing patterns, uneven beat-measures, droning loops and sheer noise. The mini-album PROLET•KULT by OK•ZTEIN•OK is the first stage of this foray into a way of working heretofore unexplored by myself.

I am thinking that I will continue with the project in the months to come, I want to build on what's here right now and take the tracks to the next level so-to-speak, thus providing the listener with a "living" piece, a work-in-progress to behold over the course of time.

There is plenty more material waiting in the wings, I am just too impatient to not let some part of the cat out of the bag so . . .
Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you OK•ZTEIN•OK - PROLET•KULT!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

March 26, 2011  

Well judging by the response to Krank our return to the single format was way ovedue. For me KMFDM has never been about singles or hits, it has been about the songs and the fans, the rest of that stuff is for someone else to worry about. As time passed, KMFDM seemed less and less like the kind of band to have a single, we do what we do and the right people will get it. Then Krank came into being and it kind of became a single on its own, it is the kind of song that wants to jump off of an album and stand apart. A new KMFDM anthem that declares this is who we are, same as we always were, same as we always will be!

Once that decision was made, then came the fun of creating the remixes, the artwork and the video. The Krank mixes all have their strengths but my favorite track on Krank has to be Bill Rieflin's mix of "Day Of Light". It takes a musician as brave as Bill to deconstruct a track so totally that it is elevated to another level.

The Krank video was one of those very satisfying undetakings where when the task begins no one is sure it can be done and by the time it is complete everything has come together so well that you couldn't be more satisfied. The video was shot in Portland and Seattle in the US and Hamburg here in Germany then metled, welded and saudered together by Kelly Raine in his underground bunker. The end result fits the song perfectly - a cool and exciting call to action, "pick up an rise!"

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

February 21, 2011  

A Statement From Al Jourgensen And Sascha Konietzko

This statement is being released in an effort to clarify the many concerns that have been expressed directly to us by our friends, fans, supporters and the media in regards to the Wax Trax! Records "Retrospectacle" being held in Chicago, IL, at the Metro on April 15 and 16, 2011.

We both wish to avoid any misunderstandings, miscommunication and misrepresentations regarding this event. To that effect we formally announce that the bands Ministry, KMFDM and Revolting Cocks will NOT be attending or performing at this event. Al Jourgensen was NEVER asked to participate, and Sascha Konietzko's (and KMFDM's) desire to participate and perform was DECLINED by the event organizers.

However, while we are both in no way associated with this event, we want to make it clear that we DO support the good works of the charity involved and honor the memory of Wax Trax! founders Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher.

Sincerely, AL JOURGENSEN, Founder & Leader of Ministry/RevCo (Revolting Cocks) and SASCHA KONIETZKO, Founder & Leader of KMFDM

December 27, 2010  

I would like to thank our fans for all of your positive comments during our recent website/internet shutdown. This move was made in support of Julian Assange and his Wikileaks project to show solidarity with them over the now well documented government backed harassment they were enduring.

We replaced our site with a version of a new song we had just finished called "Rebels In Kontrol (DoS Mix)" as it had a similar theme to the events taking place surrounding Wikileaks. We never could have imagined the stream would be accessed in excess of 75,000 times in less than two days.

My favorite part about the whole action we took was that subsequent to our announcement of support for Wikileaks KMFDM DOTKOM was the target of a massive DoS attack that shut down our server! You know you have properly engaged the enemy when they come after you!

As a "thank you" to everyone who listened to the stream and who have supported us in our efforts to stand with those who wish to hold governments accountable for their actions "Rebels In Kontrol (DoS Mix)" will remain available for a few more weeks.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

September 06, 2010  

In my last Käpt'n's Korner entry I mentioned that "Godlike" evolved from a song that I thought was "Godlight" by Patti Smith. Evidently this sent a few people searching for the song in question and it has proven to be difficult determine exactly which Patti Smith song it actually was, if in fact it truly had been one of hers. I believe the song came to us from Nick, it was something he brought in and played. I have always been under the impression that those lyrics, "sweet dreams, sleep tight, good night, God light", were Patti Smtih's, but in the end maybe they were not!

In thinking some more on Godlike, I do vividly recall sitting in the back of the tour van, barreling down the highway from Chicago to Grand Rapids, trying to work out how we would alter the set to compensate for the loss of Nick, being that he was hospitalized after jumping from a friend's third story apartment window when the building caught fire.

It was mid-February in 1990, with a freezing rain slicking the road as we sped along. William Tucker (one of Ministry's guitarists) and Mark Durante (Ministry's guitar tech and future KMFDM member) were enlisted to assist us cover for Nick's absence. It was these alterations plus my replacement of the lyrics that turned what we had been calling "Godlight" into the version of "Godlike" that ended up being recorded at the old Chicago Trax studio with the addition of Paul Barker on bass and Lee Popa running the board.

Another trip down memory lane. Next time I'm going to write about some new stuff.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

August 24, 2010  

Seems like we have been hitting a lot of milestones recently. For the most part I am not one to look back but thinking of the 20th Anniversary of "Godlike" does conjure some good memories.

The first incarnation of the song was actually as a "cover" version of a song that I believe was called "Godlight" (possibly by Patti Smith). It was played as such throughout the entire US tour with Ministry in 1989-1990. Then, during a day off Nick S. actually jumped out of the window of a burning building and ended up hospitalized. We still had several shows to play and since I didn't know the lyrics to the Patti Smith song which Nick had sung, I substituted a small spoken word "poem" we always used to recite as the outro of each show since the beginning of KMFDM. I translated the text into English and that became the original version of "Godlike". The English lyrics of the song are a translation of the German language middle-part in the breakdown. Musically nothing changed at all.

On the day Nick was released from the hospital we went to Trax Studios and recorded this new version, along with some members of Ministry's touring party. This Chicago Trax version was released on the NaÏve CD as a bonus track. A few months later I was working on a "dance-version" of the song that then became the Godlike single, which is the version that is known so well today. On Money there was a dub-version of the track in the form of "I Will Pray", then a couple of years later, in the course of the remixing of the NaÏve album we recorded the Doglike version.

"Godlike" definitely remains one of KMFDM's most played songs on tour as well. It is a track that has stayed with us, and the fans, for 20 years now. Not bad for a spoken word piece.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

March 08, 2010  

Day Of Light, the last of the 24/7 vinyl single releases was a special treat for me to work on. It has been a long time since we had a new KMFDM single (about 8 years) so this seemed like a great way to cap things off.

It wasn't one particular aspect of the project that was exciting to me though, it was all of them together. Thanks and kudos to William Wilson, the mastermind behind Legion Within, for lending his vocal chords to this great release!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

February 28, 2010  

Another anniversary! Oh, no . . . didn't we just have one? I guess time flies, especially when things are going well and you're always super-busy. Such is life with KMFDM.

The 25th, the 26th, what difference does it make anymore? By now it should be obvious to all, KMFDM will NEVER stop! Anyways, bottoms-up again!

'til next time,

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

January 25, 2010  

Dannie Flesher, Wax Trax record label co-founder/co-owner and my dear friend died a few days ago. Thinking of Dannie and looking back I wrote the words below as comments to his online obituary.

KMFDM would not still exist nowadays were it not for Dannie and Jim Nash.

It was the two of them who got me out of a miserable existence and gave me my one chance in life. Some of my best memories ever involve being around them. I lived for a few years upstairs from the label, below Jim and Dannie's place, in a little half-finished apartment on the second floor of the building at the corner of Damen and Wabansia.

I spent most of my time there writing KMFDM songs, whilst Dannie and Jim cared for me as if I were a family member, frequently asking me to join them upstairs to partake in Dannie's delicious home-cooking of all kinds of southern-style foods, or we'd hang out on the roof and have a BBQ. In my book, Dannie is one of the best people I've ever known, may he live on in our hearts and minds forever.

Dannie, I salute you !

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

January 05, 2010  

Looking back at 2009 I must say that I cannot remember any other year before where I have worked this much. Between the releases of BLITZ, SKOLD vs. KMFDM, the 2 legs of European Tours we did during the Spring and Summer and a North American tour in the Fall, as well as the release of KRIEG on this very day, it has been a packed calendar from start to finish.

Add to all of that the work that went into the brand new material which will be released on Feb 1, 2010 as the final 7" of the 24/7 series, the remixes I did for Komor Kommando, Assemblage 23, Legion Within, Alectrona, and others along with the usual commotions that come with running the band, the label, the sites, the Store, the entire independent juggernaut that is KMFDM and you have an avalanche of output.

I am proud to look back at the successes we achieved in 2009, the year of the ox, as I am an ox myself and have certainly been working like one.

2010 has been thoroughly mapped out already, there are many more treats in the making so stay tuned as we start this new decade.

Don't forget to support your favorites and, as always, thank you for your loyalty. I strive to honour it with quality and passion.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

November 04, 2009  

Hanging by the pool in Southern Florida is a welcome change to living on a submarine (e.g. tourbus) for 6 weeks. I am slowly getting over a heavy case of "end-of-tour-blues". It was, as always, an amazing experience to go round the US once again.

Which brings me to all of you. Thank you for your undying support and your love. We thrive on the fact that we have the greatest and most loyal fans any band could boast to have.

KMFDM will never stop!!!

See you next time.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

September 23, 2009  

The KEIN MITLEID US TOUR 2009 is here!

We are finally back in the USSA and are coming to a town near you.

We invite everyone to come celebrate 25 years of the Ultra Heavy Beat with the godfathers of Kickin' Ass! Arise Legion!

See you there . . .

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

March 24, 2009  

Anniversaries come and go, the 25th is safely behind us now.

BLITZ only comes once and today is the day !!!

Though some thugs decided to launch an internet "pre-release", i.e. torrents, the fun didn't get spoiled. I am proud to unleash the sonic barrage that is BLITZ on y'all today and hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we did the process of making it.

As with every KMFDM release, nobody will ever think of BLITZ as mediocre, so go ahead and either hate it or love it!

Last call on planet fucked . . .

Up Uranus!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

February 28, 2009  

Some people would probably treat their "band's" 25th Anniversary like this:
Have a birthday cake, drink some alcoholic beverages and exchange tall tales about how it all began.
After all, a quarter of a century isn't something one gets to celebrate often.

Recently I was wondering how this was going to be for me, to say: "25 years ago to this day I started KMFDM", and what I would do on that day?

I don't feel it.
I don't feel 25 years older.
I don't feel that I have accomplished enough to rest on the proverbial laurels.

What I do feel is that:

This is just a number.
Last year it was 24 years, next year it'll be 26, then 27, and at some point I'll stop counting again.
Because it doesn't really matter to me.

I am having a blast with what I am doing. I have said it before and I'll say it again.
I love my "job" and as long as you want to hear KMFDM, I will continue to create.

So Happy Anniversary to you, the KMFDM fans and supporters, the incubators and hosts of the virus that is the ULTRA-HEAVY BEAT!!!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

February 24, 2009  

2008 was a very productive year for me.
You are now beginning to reap the results.
The idea for making the SKOLD vs. KMFDM album came about spontaneously. Whilst I was up to my ears in work on KMFDM's BLITZ album (to be released March 24, 2009), Skold and I decided to start a project.

4,653 cigarettes
12.5 gallons of Tanqueray
804 olives
2,965 ice cubes
9.7 gallons of coffee
4.56 terabytes of exchanged files
594.3 kilowatthours
198 hours of intercontinental phonecalls
712 hours of collective sleep
and 101 days
later it was done.

Now it's yours to enjoy!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

February 29, 2008  

A message from your Käpt'n on KMFDM's 24th Anniversary and the launch of KMFDM 24/7 . . .

Happy 24th Anniversary KMFDM!!!!

In fact, it really is only KMFDM's 6th B-day being that we were born on Feb 29th during a leap year so we only age every 4 years (1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 & today)!

Let's see, that'd make me a whopping 28 years old. I like it!

Without you (KMFDM's fans, family, supporters and friends) this would have not been possible, but you know that, I say it all the time. Thank YOU for 24 years!!! How many bands, especially given the state of music today can dream of being in existence that long? And we owe it all to you guys!

While the 24th Anniversary is a big deal in some ways and I recognize that I still admit that I am really looking forward to the big 25. Now that will be a milestone worthy of mention. We are already scheming and plotting for what will be coming your way then. Be prepared!

Now on to what I am really excited about today - KMFDM 24/7. 24 years, 24 vinyl singles, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 7 inch singles. I know you get it, KMFDM for everyone, all the time!

Well you guys wanted vinyl and wanted singles - you got it ! I am happy to present you with these all-out, super-special fan editions of limited vinyl. A lot of thought, time and love has gone into making these. One KMFDM Classic every month for the next two years ending ending with an exclusive brand new track. It's like one of those Advent calendars at Xmas where you open a little window each of the 24 days of December 'til Xmas comes! I hope you enjoy them and relish the anticipation as they arrive, one to the next.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

February 19, 2008  

A message from your Käpt'n on the release of Brimborium . . .

This record came about so organically, it practically made itself. After discussing the possibilities of a purely remixed album of tracks from Tohuvabohu within the band, we made a few calls to potential collaborators and over the course of a few months the material came pouring in.

I like the fact that aside from the remixes we did ourselves (Steve White, Jules Hodgson and myself) we've toured with most of the acts involved in the remixing (Combichrist, 16 Volt, DJ? Acucrack and Angelspit).

The Die Krupps remix came about as a sort of trading of favors. Jürgen Engler (Die Krupps founder) contacted me for a remix of one of their songs and I thought, "Hey, perfect timing, this is exactly the kind of band that should do a remix for Brimborium". I told him, "Sure I'll do a remix for Krupps, if you do one for KMFDM in return". As I had hoped, they both turned out excellent.

Velox Music, who contributes two remixes on Brimborium is a group that Lucia and I are currently working with on a new side-project. It is to be an extension of our KGC project as it also includes Dean Garcia (of Curve). Rounding off the remixes we also added Sebastian Komor's (Icon Of Coil, Zombie Girl) take on "You're No Good" from Hau Ruck. This remix was originally intended for the Ruck Zuck EP but it works very nicely here among these mixes.

Lastly we hear from you, the fans, in all your insane and insightful glory on the Fan Phone track "What We Do For You". There were so many unused gems from that experiment, they just had to be heard.

Brimborium has been the only CD ever played in my car since I moved to Germany in late November last year; it's been 3 months so far and I've yet to get tired of listening to it. I hope it has the same effect for many of you!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

November 06, 2007  

A message from your Käpt'n on the re-release of Excessive Force's Conquer Your World and Gentle Death . . .

Here we are at another milestone in the unrelenting process of re-releasing the back-catalogue. Excessive Force has come to conquer once again. You know, for a little side project I started all by myself in a dingy apartment because I had nothing to do, XF has fared pretty well.

It grew into something that really helped me capture a massing outpouring of creative inspiration over my first couple of years in the US. My vision was helped along the way by some very talented komrades, a few of whom have become lifelong friends.

In the end, despite disappearing off the shelves at least 12 years ago I never ceased to be asked about XF no matter where I went. Would it ever be available again?

And now here it is, newly remastered and packed full of extras, I am thrilled to once again give you all . . . X-F !!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

August 21, 2007  

A message from your Käpt'n on the release of Tohuvabohu . . .

And yet again, the big day has arrived. This one feels a little different from the recent re-releases, finally something altogether new for everyone to taste.

It is amazing to think this is KMFDM's 15th studio album. To me Tohuvabohu is not just the newest but also our best so far. It is a record that is not unlike our fans and KMFDM itself - strong and diverse! I know you will all be blown away by it.

I have to take a moment and send out my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped to make this album possible (and already a success). Now quit reading and go put it on.

Here is to another 15!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

May 08, 2007  

A message from your Käpt'n on the re-release of Symbols and Adios . . .

Ahhh, the last two pieces of the twisted puzzle that is the KMFDM back catalog. Here they are in all their uniform glory, conceptual continuity indeed. 10 pieces total, start to finish, and what a finish . . .

I orginally thought these records both sounded pretty damn good already, having sprung to life the first time around in the digital age. But in the end we were still able to make them sound so much better, brighter, louder, cleaner, etc. Turns out you can improve on perfection. The original booklets had been pretty packed for these also, with nice photos in Symbols and some lyrics in both. That just meant the new ones had to be even better. We had a blast cramming all the goodies we could dig up into the re-vamped packaging. Symbols turned out to be a jewelbox rupturing 28 pages.

Symbols is the final juggernaut KMFDM record, featuring a cast of thousands with songs sung by Ogre, En Esch, Skold, Raymond Watts, Abby Travis and myself. Adios, on the other hand, is KMFDM at its most streamlined and ferocious, a triumphant first farewell. Taken together they are the ultimate one, two punch. Enjoy them both for what they are, the last chapters of this part of the KMFDM story.

Now, load them all into your computer in order, Deutschland to Adios and hit repeat!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

March 06, 2007  

A message from your Käpt'n on the re-release of Nihil and Xtort . . .

Here they are, two more pieces of the KMFDM back catalog.

This has truly been a nice few days. Here we are hard at work on a new KMFDM album, moving the legacy forward deeper into the new century, and now, right on the heels of looking back as we observed the 23rd Anniversary of the band a few days ago, we have two of the biggest chapters of the KMFDM story available once again.

We put a lot into these, a bright, clear yet loud remaster, tons of great photos and liner notes that tell the whole story of each period. We even fleshed out all the lyrics, which in some cases meant going back to the original writers and getting them to transcribe them exactly. It was exciting to see the records come to life again after being off the shelves for years.

So now you have them, one record (Nihil) containing what is possibly our best known song (Juke Joint Jezebel) and another (Xtort) that holds many of my favorite KMFDM tracks (Power, Apathy, Son Of A Gun) and might in the end be my favorite KMFDM record of the back catalog.

Enjoy them!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

March 01, 2007  

A message from your Käpt'n in celebration of 23 years of the Ultra Heavy Beat . . .

Well, it is official. KMFDM is 23, and I have now spent more of my life as Käpt'n K., the leader of KMFDM, than as Sascha Konietzko. It is quite a milestone to hit. While we are hard at work, continuing to release the KMFDM Classics, recording a new album and planning some touring, it would be a mistake not to take a minute and enjoy this momentous occasion. So as we raise our glasses once again to the longevity of the Ultra Heavy Beat, let me reveal a couple of exciting ways for you to celebrate with us . . .

In appreciation of our fans on our 23rd birthday, we would like to invite you to be on the next KMFDM album. Call 1-206-388-3298 and tell us, simply and honestly, what does KMFDM do for you? We're not looking for you to just shout out some KMFDM slogans or come up with more acronyms for our name. Hit us with something original. If you leave a good message we may end up using it on our new album. Please be aware that all messages become the property of KMFDM, Inc.

In honor of our 23rd Anniversary, I am blowing the doors off the KMFDM Vault. In the coming days the KMFDM Store is going to be stacked to the rafters with all kinds of goodies for you guys. Sure, there will be the usual rare items, but there will also be lots of one of a kind memorabilia and archival material from throughout KMFDM's history. Be sure to stay tuned to find out how and when you can take a look at what we have for you. Right now the KMFDM Store is 100% focused on getting all you loyal fans your KMFDM Classic Preorders. As soon as all of those are out the door and on their way to you look for these items from the Vault. They are doing no good sealed up and locked away. These treasures, like the band itself, belong to the fans, not me. Hope you enjoy them.

Happy 23rd! And thanks to the ones who made it possible - that means YOU!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

January 31, 2007  

A message from your Käpt'n regarding the shape of things to come . . .

We are toiling away here at KMFDM HQ to put together a great many things for all of you. This year promises to be an unforgettable one for KMFDM fans near and far.

There are a lot of projects that are in the works already as well as new ideas and opportunities arising continually. I'll happily confirm that one of the things in the pipeline is a bit of touring that will hopefully find us hitting a number of spots around the globe.

Of course we also have the ongoing release of the KMFDM Classics on Metropolis Records/KMFDM Records. Lastly, the answer to the question everyone has been asking is . . . YES, you will be hearing new KMFDM material this year.

There is much to do to make all of these things (and many more) happen. Time to get my hands dirty!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

December 14, 2006  

Well KGC is finally here and I am excited to be a part of it. I was not really the driving force behind this project which is a very different role for me. Lucia and Dean asked me to come on board and I ended up acting as more of a catalyst than anything else. Dean would send rough tracks from London, U.K., Lucia and I would then record her vocals and put the bells and whistles in and then mix the songs. So I was more or less taking on the background-role of producer and engineer rather than actively performering.

When Lucia and Dean invited me to join them, there was a window of time during which I had no other big plans so I just jumped on in. It excited me to work with the dynamics that they brought to the table. Truthfully, I've been a Curve fan as well as a Lucia fan for many years. Working with Dean was a great new experience. As happens rarely in life, someone you hold in high esteem and really look up to turns out to be a "normal" human being, humble and down to earth. I liked that aspect about him which was immediately apparent when I first met him in person.

I have Lucia to thank for my involvement with KGC as it was she who initiated the contact with Dean and the project itself. It was a lot of fun to make the album, "6 Ft. Below" became a perfect part of our live set on the Hau Ruck Zuck Tour and now we have the priveledge of presenting Dirty Bomb to you on KMFDM Records, available exclusively through the KMFDM Store. Pick up a copy and spread the word!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

November 21, 2006  

The long awaited day has arrived and the second batch of the KMFDM Classic Re-Releases is now available everywhere.

Naive, Money and Angst sum up what we accomplished in a whirlwind of activity during the years 1990 to 1993. And now, through even more hard work and trials, these records live again, sounding fresher and brighter than ever. The remastered versions dazzle with an unprecedented sonic quality.

I am very proud to present these works of art to you!


Sascha/Käpt'n K.

October 03, 2006  

Dear Audience,
KMFDM have, once again, successfully toured the U.S.S.A....

You have given us more love than ever before. Thank you everyone for coming to and enjoying our shows. From Seattle, WA, to St. Petersburg, FL, from Buffalo, NY to San Diego, CA you gave us reason to be there, to continue and to never cease the Ultra Heavy Beat.
Thank you also to Combichrist, you are the best! Thanks as well to my wonderful crew of people who made it all happen!
We had a lot of fun together and worked harder and stronger than never, ever before.

Hau Ruck!

Sascha/Käpt'n K.
"The future belongs to those of us, still willing to get our hands dirty !"

September 27, 2006  

This is your Käpt'n speaking...

We have liftoff, the Ruck Zuck Tour is underway.

Kicking things off tonight, coming to you as we head out across this USS of A. We'll be doing it in KMFDM style, 29 shows in 33 days, lean and mean (atcually four days off is a quite a luxury for us)!

The set list is a great one, we were shooting for 22 songs to celebrate 22 years but that would have put us past the noise curfew for some venues. Suffice to say it is one of our longest sets ever featuring choice selections including an old gem or two.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you out there . . .

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

September 12, 2006  

The first batch of 3 has arrived!

What Do You Know, Deutschland?, Don't Blow Your Top and UAIOE are here. Many years of battles, trouble and strife - now the time is rife...
as we are quite proudly presenting: The KMFDM Klassikz Re-Released.

We have teamed up with Metropolis Records to give you the KMFDM Back-Katalog. Out of print for many years, now back in the fans' hands for all to enjoy, polished up to sparkle and all wrapped up in a bow like bullets with gold casings. We worked hard to make these top notch and deliver them at rock bottom prices.

Read the story, enjoy the visuals, hear the music, even sing along if you must - and be a part of KMFDM from the beginning.

Enjoy the history lesson, with more to come . . .

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

June 25, 2006  

Today, 10 years ago XTORT was unleashed. It has a special place in my heart and features one of my favorite BRUTE! pieces on the cover. XTORT also bears the distinctive mark of being the KMFDM album with the most collaborators ever.

It was recorded and mixed in a stunningly short period between December ’95 and April ’96. I was living in Chicago again at the time and we worked at CRC and in my studio at home. The participants came flying into town like pearls on a string and we knocked out track after track at breakneck speed. There was an incredible sensation of inspiration in the air so to speak…

I wanted to make an album that was the polar opposite of what NIHIL, the previous release, had become. Something that most certainly wouldn’t get played on mainstream radio as had happened with Juke-Joint Jezebel some months before. NIHIL, in comparison, was an album that never wanted to end, it took ages to get somewhere with it. XTORT was a cry for liberation from compromise, from nit-picking songs and re-arrangeing things to death.

We had lots of fun making XTORT, it felt like a long time in the studio, but that was just the intensity that made us feel that way. Here it is now, a decade later, an album that is often referred to as a KMFDM classic.

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

May 09, 2006  

Hau Ruck !

Finally, the day has arrived and RUCK ZUCK has been unleashed. Personally speaking, this is one of the most fun records KMFDM have ever done. From the fury of FREE YOUR HATE, to the swingin' MINI MINI MINI, to the pounding beats of PROFESSIONAL KILLER, to the (politically apt once all over) DER MUSSOLINI and the brilliantly scathing words of ANSAGE (written by Peewee Vignold), we have gone full circle once again...

Enjoy the madness, revel in the furor of RUCK ZUCK !

Sascha/Käpt'n K.

February 28, 2006  

Happy 22nd Birthday KMFDM !

I woke up this morning and realized that half of my entire life has been KMFDM. (I am 44 years old, started KMFDM at age 22.) A very unique day indeed, even though a 22nd Anniversary in and of itself may not be so special...

In these past 22 years KMFDM have recorded and released many songs, more than I can keep track of, been involved in plenty of side-projects and played hundreds of live-shows.

I am happy with the way things have gone for all this time, I would do it all over again, no regrets. Currently things are looking great (as they almost always do...): we are in production with our newest upcoming release (the 9-track Ruck Zuck EP), a US tour is currently being booked and we are all busy in our various studios with exciting stuff and more "ruckus". Lucia and I are working on a new project together with Dean Garcia from the band Curve. In-between, I recently finished a remix for Combichrist, last week we mastered all the new material for Ruck Zuck, Jules and Steve are working on various mix and re-mix projects and Andy has interesting prospects coming up for South America.

Our touring schedule will continue in the near future, we have a very exciting line-up of bands for this upcoming round of US dates, details to be revealed very soon...

So, things are well in the KMFDM camp.
I raise my glass to all of KMFDM's supporters over the past 22 years -

Here's to us!

Sascha K. a/k/a Käpt'n K.

P.S. Check out a preview version of Professional Killer (The One And Only Mix) by Steve White from Ruck Zuck on the KMFDM Official MySpace Page. More treats to come . . .

December 30, 2005  

As 2005 comes to a close it's time to reflect for a moment. Another big year, if not the biggest of all years for KMFDM. We recorded and released the new album, Hau Ruck and also finalized and released the 20th Anniversary Tour Double DVD. We toured more, played more shows and visited many more countries and cities than ever before in our 22 year history. I am a bit tired right now and need another week or so of sleep, but I look forward to jumping back full throttle into my studio as of January 7th. We are planning to finalize the recordings for our upcoming new KMFDM release ASAP.

Then I shall begin working on a new project . . .

Also, in mid-Spring KMFDM may hit the road again, possibly some select US dates, Japanese and/or Australian shows. During the months of July and August KMFDM will be touring the European Summer Festival circuit.

As usual, I don't look too far ahead, so this shall suffice.

To all who read this, Thanks for all you've done for KMFDM, we love you more than ever. See you soon again.

Sascha/Kapt'n K.

October 24, 2005  

The North-American Tour has been completed. What a great round-trip it was! Once again, KMFDM packed the venues and made our audiences happy, deaf and feeling extra-special. Stronger than never, ever before held true yet again.

I'd like to thank everyone that made it out, and then out alive, our fans are definitely the best any band could wish for. As I write these lines, I am amidst piles of laundry, equipment and everything else that we need to bring with us on the European Tour. 24 hours before take-off, and no end of last-minute preparation in sight...

2.5 months, more than a dozen countries await this unstoppable juggernaut that is us.

Wish us luck, pray for our return. And whilst you snarf up your Thanksgiving turkey, raise your glass and say a toast to KMFDM.

your Kapt'n

In case you were wondering what happened in Lincoln, NE:
The venue was completely and utterly unsuitable for putting on a KMFDM show. Neither the stage, nor the sound system met our absolute minimum requirements, all of which had been known by the promoter since day one. The P.A. was in mono, there wasn't a monitor-board and the safety of the audiences could not be guaranteed all of which we did not know until our arrival.... 'nuff said.

September 28, 2005  

Hello, welcome to the new KMFDM site v. 4.
I don't feel bad that it took me a while to post this update, 'coz it took you a while to get used to the new site. Anyways, see you on tour.

S. / Kapt'n K.

March 1, 2005  

Happy 21st Birthday KMFDM!!!
Since there's no February 29 this year, we are celebrating today.
Now that KMFDM has reached legal drinking age, there'll be quite a good down-pour tonight.

Kapt'n K.