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Hailing from New York Lucia connected with KMFDM after successfully fronting her own band, Drill. Lucia was a member of the powerful triumvirate that made up MDFMK. When KMFDM reformed in 2002 she was the perfect choice to forge a forceful permanent female role in the band, a first for KMFDM. As a powerful vocalist and expressionistic songwriter she has redefined KMFDM, as the female vocals are no longer relegated to the background. In addition to her work in KMFDM Lucia has also released a solo CD, From The Land Of Volcanos. Containing some programming and production by Sascha, her solo effort is an accessible yet contemplative departure from the rock and underground sounds of Drill and KMFDM.

In 2006 she teamed with Sascha K. once again in a producer / engineer / mixer role but this time they were joined by Dean Garcia of Curve. This triumvirate was dubbed KGC after the participants' last initials and their debut album, Dirty Bomb, was released in December 2006 on KMFDM Records.

Lucia also contributes to various projects such as Acumen Nation, The Chronologic and others as a guest vocalist.

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Name: Lucia Cifarelli

Instruments & Equipment: Anything that makes noise.

Appears on KMFDM Releases:
Boots EP
Sturm & Drang Live 2002
WWIII Live 2003
Sturm & Drang Tour 2002 DVD
WWIII Tour 2003 DVD
20th Anniversary Tour 2004 DVD
Hau Ruck
Ruck Zuck
Greatest Shit

KMFDM Questions:

How did you get involved with KMFDM?
     Through my collaborative efforts on MDFMK.

Do you have a most memorable story about recording with KMFDM?
     Each time we record is different and leaves me with nostalgia, though destroying a $5,000 mic while screaming my head off was pretty memorable.

What is your favorite KMFDM song to play live?
     Last Things

What place has KMFDM toured that you enjoyed the most?
     Australia is pretty hard to beat!

General Questions:

How did you learn to play/write music?
     I always loved to sing and write. I worked in recording studios in New York throughout high school and had the opportunity to learn from an incredibly diverse pool of people. I studied voice, performed in bands, listened to loads of records, began recording. Each an every step along the way has taught me new things about my craft. I think a lot of what I do is intuitive as well.

Who is the person you have worked with who has been the biggest influence on your music and why?
     I would have to say Sascha because he's challenged my approach to making music and thatís huge, since up until working with him I'd been pretty resistant to changing my process. He's widened my scope on everything from recording, singing, writing.....

If you werenít working in music what do you think you would be doing?
     Probably something with food, I love to cook!

If you could collaborate musically with anyone of your choice who would it be?
     The list would be longer then one for sure. Mark "Spike" Stent is a genius at mixing, I'd love to work with Tricky, Toni Haliday, Sisters Of Mercy......