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Born in the UK Andy began his musical journey touring Europe with Big Boy Tomato and The Men They Couldnít Hang, as well as a whole host of other metal and punk bands. Later, as a founding member of the YoYo's (on the Subpop Label) he toured most of the world. In 1996 he met Steve White and became the drummer for Pig, opening for KMFDM in 1997 on the Symbols tour. Later on along with Jules Hodgson and Raymond Watts he toured Japan as part of Schwein. Andy performed on the Sturm & Drang Tour as a member of KMFDM in 2002 and was invited to relocate to the US as a full member of the band in 2002 to record WWIII. Andy also performs as a live member of The Dwarves from time to time under the name "Dutch Ovens" as well as scant performances drumming with Genitorturers. He is a main contributing member of the rock band Spittin' Cobras along with KMFDM guitarist Jules Hodgson.

Member Profile

Name: Andy Selway

Instruments & Equipment: Drums & cymbals

Grestch, Ludwig, Pearl, Yamaha, Gibralter, Zildjian, etc.

Appears on KMFDM Releases:
Sturm & Drang Live 2002
WWIII Live 2003
Sturm & Drang Tour 2002 DVD
WWIII Tour 2003 DVD
20th Anniversary Tour 2004 DVD
Hau Ruck
Ruck Zuck
Greatest Shit

KMFDM Questions:

How did you get involved with KMFDM?
     That would be opening for KMFDM as Pig in 1997, thats when I was first introduced to the Kaptín.

Do you have a most memorable story about recording with KMFDM?
     I think it was whilst all sitting around in CRC in Chicago mixing WWIII. When it came to writing the lyrics to Intro together and then hearing Sascha record his verse in his German accent definitely caused a few chuckles...suck my Glock indeed!!!

What is your favorite KMFDM song to play live?
     Probably WWIII, even if it does cause cramps in my skinny little limey legs!!

What place has KMFDM toured that you enjoyed the most?
     I enjoy every show we do wherever it may be, Australia and Russia both evoke fond memories, as does Canada, but I would have to say touring the States is tremendous fun!!! Canít get enough of New Orleans!!!

General Questions:

How did you learn to play/write music?
     My father bought me my first drumkit when I was 3. years old which I pretty much just destroyed. He then gave me his full size kit when I was 10 and started me on the road to musical mayhem. Writing followed through being involved with numerous bands over the years.

Who is the person you have worked with who has been the biggest influence on your music and why?
     I think every person you work with has some influence on oneís development, but I would have to say that the current line up of KMFDM is the most inspiring and fruitful situation I can imagine. We are all good friends and ultimately a great team.

If you werenít working in music what do you think you would be doing?
     Sitting in the corner of a pub in England with a giant red alcoholicís nose!

If you could collaborate musically with anyone of your choice who would it be?
     Hmmm? Probably Black Sabbath in their heyday.